I am the liquor

by I am the liquor

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BlackMedallion A whisky-chugging, cheeseburger-belching, running from the law, good time. Favorite track: Breaker of Chains.
mark zbornak
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mark zbornak Great guitar/bass and vocals, of course. However, I really dig the huge drum sound on the second listen. Nice work! Favorite track: Chasing the sun.
Kai Kennedy
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Kai Kennedy Great riffs, great mixing, and strong vocals on the cleaner side of the genre. Really high quality stuff with a strong identity. Favorite track: Breaker of Chains.
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AD⚡AM Riffs for daze. Heavy, but not too heavy. Tight playing and good vocals. Great stuff. Favorite track: R’hllor.
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released March 15, 2015



all rights reserved


I am the liquor Richmond, Virginia

Sean - Bass
Cody -Drums
Terry -Guitar, Vocals

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Track Name: Devils Drink
There’s a still down by the river
Sour mash made to deliver
One sip will make your spine shiver
Lost my mind down by the river
Drown my soul in alcohol.....Now I’m gone
Dog heads done fire up the burner
Peck the cap and call up the runner
Granny fee we don’t want the gauger
Double run this batch she’s a rager
Empty the bottle…..first ones on me
Empty the bottle…..I’m gone
Hide deep in the forest, concealed by the trees
Your laws have forsaken, this devil in me
Track Name: Breaker of Chains
Breaker of Chains:
Over the plains…..We move as one
Under the banners….of our Lords
With flesh and blood…..And bone to blade
We’ll live to fight….a new day
So hold on…..Keep moving forward
For greater stories have been told
Ride on …..into glory
To fight the fight to save us all…..As we climb up the black wall
With shield in hand…..And swords held high
We live to hear….her battle cry
We siege the town…..Usurp the throne
Breaker of chains….A new queen
Take the gold, leave their souls
Track Name: Pieces of my mind
Pieces of my mind:
Tearing down another broken vine
Cutting through the pain you hold inside
It haunts…It feeds…the pieces of my mind
We’ve come full circle…open your eyes
Why do I feel just like a slave
I’m sick with every breathe I take
My bed…I’ve made…There’s no one left to blame
We’ve come full circle…open your eyes
Within the labyrinth of our minds
Your thoughts betray you
Within the labyrinth of our minds
There’s no escaping
Track Name: Vagabond King
Vagabond King:
You’ve run out of lies…..Vagabond king
You promised us fortune…..And left us with disease
From stones of wisdom…..To healing crystals
Eyes of the dragon…..And Mythical blades
Scrolls of procession…enchanted ruby’s
Blood of a newborn…holds power’s untold
Home is lost…..Heed these words
Lay these bones…..On sacred grounds
Weakness surrounds you…Your viper council
Trust in my teaching…I’ll show you the way
Your old religion…has failed you again
Do not contest me…You’ll reap what you sow
Now’s the time of the dead…Flowing rivers now run red
See the flames from the sky…By my hands you shall die
Track Name: Chasing the sun
Chasing the sun:
Sunbeams burn my eyes
Colors fill the sky
Dreaming when you’re high
Visions were a lie
In a desolate void
Time has no meaning at all
In a desolate void
Darkness envelopes the world
Aeons pass me by
Body will not die
Darkness clouds my mind
Trapped here for all time
Chasing the sun
Track Name: 15 birds
15 birds:
Travel this road…..The long way home
We’re fifteen birds…..In five….fir trees
Out of the flame into the fire
What funny little birds…..Cause they have no wings
Stew them in a pot…..Eat them while their hot
Track Name: Nineteen
Through the endless desert I roam, Past the tragedy of Tull
Dark Tower sits before me, Man in black still stands tall
Necromancing powers has shown, Dark magic to unfold
Hard journey leads me nowhere, But the blackest roads
This word holds the secret to madness
How long can one person contain this
Hold still 19, as it drips off your tongue
Hold still 19 reality undone
Drawing of the three is destined, Slipping in between the worlds
Doorways open through time, for the chosen ones
Seeking out the truth of ages, Sacrificing all at hand
Sun bleached bones they tell me, when my time is done
Track Name: R’hllor
The night is dark and full of terrors, the lord of light holds true
Come to us in our time of darkness, The Red Priests call you….Oh yeah
R’hllor…..Heart of fire..…R’hllor…..
God of the flame and the shadow
Fiery hands will light the pyres, with visions of your doom
Through ash and cinder he tells his coming, The red sword of Heroes…..oh yeah